Delivery Information



At we tend to certify that our consumers get their item ASAP. it's as straightforward as that.However since the things offered here ar Pre-Sale or Make-to-Order, we tend to create them from recent material rather than stocking piles of them in order that they look wear watery-eyed when someday parturition in our warehouse. we tend to do stock a number of our hot merchandising styles at our warehouses in London, uk and at Chicago, us however most of them ar created once we receive order from the client on-line.

Surely this does not Associate in Nursing effect on} delivery times as a result of most of the patterns ar ready-made and that we take 2-3 operating days to form a jacket unless a custom order is placed by the client or an exception arrives that's sent to the client beforehand.

The Cycle

Shipping Delivery takes quite ten operating days in traditional circumstances. this suggests 2-3 operating days for producing and more 3-7 operating days for delivery.

We use specific delivery services for delivery like FedEx, DHL and SkyNet and trinitrotoluene. For things pronto obtainable to be shipped from our warehouses in USA or Great Britain we tend to typically use communication services like United States Postal Service in USA and RoyalMail within the Great Britain.

The Costs

We have a Free rate of shipping that's for many of the countries. but for a few countries in japanese Europe, Africa and South America, the price of shipping may be a bit additional as a result of high postage prices in those regions.

For all orders shipping is completely FREE, notwithstanding what percentage product you get

Import Duties Taxes isn't to blame for any import duties/taxes a vendee could incur. the price of item paid to United States of America is exclusive of of these charges. it's buyer's responsibility to visualize with their domestic customs if they're getting to get taxed for importing/buying our things.

Custom policy disagree all round the world and a few countries ar terribly strict in imposing taxes for importation any high worth item.