Super Fly Shearling Coat

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The classic Superfly was remade in 2018 from the classic version of 1972, The story revolves around Tarver Jackson, an Afro American pharmacist who is a drug specialist and the way he changed his life around in luxury selling the drugs, during the movie scenes Traver Jackson can be seen in different jackets.

 Superfly Youngblood Shearling Coat

This Youngblood Priest Coat also is known as the Superfly Traver Jackson Coat is made from genuine leather skin and genuine hairs, Lots of websites are selling the faux shearling coat version which is less in price and quality, however, we are the only website selling the original version. the Superfly Shearling coat is brown in color with lapel collars and long trench coat. The inside of the Traver Jackson coat is the original hairs and the hair color will be different every time we make it as we cannot have the same color animal all the time. The Youngblood Priest coat has button closure with cuffed hem a shearling all inside. The brown leather coat is very heavy in nature and the looks will certainly identify you as the young blood priest.

 Traver Jackson Black Leather Coat

Tarver Jackson also knows as the Youngblood Superfly was seen in the movie wearing a very high-quality Genuine leather trench coat now called as the superfly trench coat or the youngblood priest coat. This Superfly Black coat is long in nature with button closure and has a superior quality inner polyester ling for extra comfort. Black is the best to get his black trench coat worn by the character himself in the movie "Superfly"

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