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Best Men’s Jackets: Trends for this winter

There used to be a time when men fashion was taken lightly. And men were okay with that. The slight variations in their coats including other accessories were enough for men to look cool. A little here and there seems okay. But the time has changed now. And over past 30 years, men fashion have changed a lot. Men all around the world also give a great amount of deal to their appearance and wardrobe now. In addition, fashion industries are also giving a lot of attention to men fashion.

Well, there are many features of men fashion but jackets are those attires that don’t seem to fade with time. Particularly talking about jackets, they have evolved very much after their first launch as men fashion many many years ago. However, people like all kinds of jackets including classic and old styles jackets.

Winters are around the corner and demand for jackets particularly leather jackets have raised immensely. You may be thinking what are best men jackets and what are the trends for this winter. Here for you, we have selected the most trendy jackets by American Suits in men fashion. so, you don’t stay behind in being style icon this winter. Let’s check out the list now.

One For The Road: Alex Turner Jacket

Well, the first jacket in our list is a celebrity jacket. Alex Turner was a handsome hunk of the band Arctic Monkey.  Alex is famous for unique fashion sense and his street style. Alex in one of his music videos, One For The Road, wore a jacket that has become everyone’s favorite since then. The jacket reads ‘one for the road’ on the back. Keeping in mind the desire of people for this American Suits have created the One for the Road jacket nothing less than the original one. It is sewed using first-class black cowhide leather with same prints on the back and zipper on the front.


A-2 Bomber: Lambskin Jacket

Winter needs warmth in addition with style and professional stitching. So if you’re looking for something trendy with comfort, warmth, and style then this A-2 bomber jacket can be the best choice. It has an elegance that men look for and at the same time hard-hitting appearance. Designed by professionals at America Suits and made with lambskin this A2 bomber jacket has the zip closure and two-fold neckline. So, men! Come on grab this one for this winter.


Killing Them Softly: The Brad Pitt Jacket

So, here is another celebrity in the list. In 2012 Brad Pitt portrayed the character Jackie Cogan in the film ‘Killing them softly’. The thriller flick is a man movie. Packed with action and thriller, Brad Pitt has all the style and rough & tough looks needed for the role. His Killing them softly jacket got pretty famous. So, American Suits has made a one just like the original. The expert designers made the Brad Pitt jacket with the high-quality sheepskin leather. The style of this Brad Pitt jacket slays on all occasions. So boys get the one for you and add this to your winter wardrobe.


Star Trek: Chris Pine Leather Jacket

Well, celebrity jackets are the most trending jackets this winter. Adding another to the list is the Chris Pine jacket from the Star Trek. Chris Pine portrayed the role of Captain Kirk. Caption Kirk is a beloved character from the Star Trek franchise. His Star Trek jacket is also favorite of many Star Trek fans. You can grab a one for yourself from American Suits. The Chris Pine Jacket is professionally sewed and made up of original black leather. Moreover, it has viscous lining and original YKK zipper adding comfort and style to the jacket.


So choose what you like for this winter and be the trendy man.

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