Death Wish Paul Kersey Jacket

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Bruce Willis is one of the senior actors of the Hollywood whom charm does not diminish. He is well fit, and decent actor and most of his fans love to see him in action. Death Wish is one of his popular films, which is a remake of the old film with the same storyline. Bruce Willi portrays the character of Paul Kearsey who is the grim reaper in the movie. After ensuring the tragedy on his family, he turns from the simple man to the mass murderer whose sole purpose is to prevent the city from the trash of the people. During his journey, he was also after the culprit behind the ruining of his family.

Death Wish Bruce Willis

During the time of Bruce Willis as Paul Kearsey, he was seen wearing the sophisticated jersey’ jacket, and as a family man, it suits him well. This is a jacket, which is suitable for the people of every age. It calls the decency and suitable to wear on both formal and casual occasion. Either there is a gathering with your family, or you want to go on a romantic date with your beloved, this jacket can make your personality mesmerizing, and people can understand your high taste of the dressing and fashion through this jersey’s jacket is not the one which has a lot of features and the look which can catch every eye. However, it has a decent sense of fashion, which impresses anyone with its charm and mysterious aura of the black color.

The jacket is designed simply to look decent and elegant without adding an iota of any unnecessary feature. The main feature of this jacket is the material of the jacket. The high-quality original jersey is used to weave this jacket in a sweater-like style, which makes it more appealing while wearing with the inner shirt. This kind of jacket is perfect for those who want to have the basic purpose of wearing the jacket; to keep themselves warm in the cold weather. The inner viscose lining also ensures your comfort while wearing the jacket of Bruce Willis.  

This jacket has a decent style collar, which is similar to the shirt collar. The front of the jacket has the snap up button closure option, but you can leave it open if you want to show the shirt underneath it just like Bruce Willis did in the movie. The hem of the sleeves of the jacket contains simple round cuffs, which are the replica of the neck collar of the jacket. A pair of the pockets are also placed on both of the sides of the waist of the jacket to help you carry your gadgets. Besides, the stretchable bottom of the jacket has button closure.  

Overall, this jacket does give you not only enough warmth but also the sophisticated style, which enhances your manly charm. This jacket is suitable for every man who scoffs the colorful fashion and wants to adopt his signature color and style. If this seems to be your signature style, must order it now

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