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Just like Marvel Comics DC comics are also one of the titans of the comics and movie world. Going to the history of comics DC comics is older than the Marvel. The first-ever superhero was Superman, and DC comics introduced it. It was the most famous and pioneer character back then and until now. DC comics started to publish in the year 1930 and has given us so many superheroes like Batman, Superman, wonder woman. And also all of them combined in the 21st century to form the team under DC movie productions name the Justice League.

DC movies are well known for their horrific villains and fantasy stories. Movies and comics have made their universe which has been adored by their fans around the globe. From the Teen Titans to Young Justice kids love every movie and comics they have produced. And its productions also make sure to give something every time they produce a movie. The spark of the superheroes takes the audience by storm. People love superheroes and the concept behind having a superhero in our lives.

All the superhero concepts are crafted to make us realize how we are living in this world. Humans were created to live peacefully in the world without any crimes and haphazard, but men created the mess, and to pile up that mess we need someone with superpowers to take care of that mess. People while watching the movies also realizes that at the end of the day when efforts are made to make things better they worth it. Under DC productions their have some mind-blowing blockbuster films like Superman, Batman Wonder woman, Joker, injustice series and so on. Latest Collection in DC is Birds of Prey Jacket you can get it on sale price.


Supper villain -Joker:

One of the most famous movies produced by DC Studios is the Joker. The story, the costumes, the actions performed by the characters, especially the lead role performed by Joaquin Phoenix as the joker. The first thing which attracted the audience was the getup selected for the character. Just looking at it gives a chill to the body. He is a supervillain created by the production house. It’s one of the best movies produced focusing on the bad guy.


The most loveable superhero - Superman:

One of the oldest yet the most loved superhero of all time is Superman. He is the one who first took the viewers into the fantasy world from which they never able to return. The flying superhero with tons of strength captured the hearts of the audience the moment fans saw him on screen.  

Justice League

The 21st-century combination of all superheroes produced by the DC productions. In the movie Justice league 1 and 2, we have come across the adventures performed by the most lovable fictional heroes of all time. Fans went crazy to look at all their favorite characters under one roof and in just one film. The movie hit the box office with billions of dollars and happened to emerge as a blockbuster.

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