Broken City Mark Wahlberg Leather Jacket

-23% Broken City Mark Wahlberg Leather Jacket
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Broken City Billy Taggart Mark Wahlberg Black Leather Jacket

Broken City Mark Wahlberg Leather Jacket NYPD detective Billy Taggart (Mark Walhberg) is arrested for the murder of Mikey Tavarez, who raped and murdered sixteen-year-old Yesenia Barea but walked on a technicality. Chief Carl Fairbanks , goes to Mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russel Crow) with a witness and evidence. Hostetler buries the evidence, and a judge clears Taggart as having shot Tavarez in self-defense. The mayor calls Taggart to his office for a private meeting and calls him "a hero," but Taggart is still forced to leave the police. Seven years later, Taggart is living with his girlfriend, Natalie Barrow (Natalie Martinez), an aspiring actress. Taggart's private detective business is on the verge of bankruptcy when Hostetler hires him to investigate a romantic affair that his wife, Cathleen Hostetler (Catherine -Zeta-Jones), is having. Helped by his assistant, Katy Bradshaw (Alona Tal), Taggart learns that Cathleen is seeing Paul Andrews (Kyle Chandler), the campaign manager of Hostetler's rival in the upcoming elections, Jack Valliant (Barry Pepper).Grab this jacket now and impress evry one around you Mark Wahlberg Leather Jacket.

Product description:

  •  Broken City
  •  Black Jacket
  •  Top quality leather
  •  100% Polyester
  •  Full zip closure with moto collar
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