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Marvel! The name needs no introduction. With billions of fans around the globe, this is the name who has made everyone go crazy. It starts with the comics with the name of Marvel Comics now the world’s largest comics franchise. Not only comics Marvel is the titan of movies also, owned by Walt Disney under the name marvel studios it the movie franchise that produces superhero movies.

Marvel Studios have given us so many multiple successful movies that there is a list. The fictional characters are created under the banner of marvel studios that have won the hearts of millions of fans. The successful projects are many, but the ones who broke the records on box office globally are Spider-Man, Avengers series, Captain Marvel, and X-men. All these movies have given the viewers the best fictional characters and entertainment. Fans wait for every movie eagerly, and the love of the fans can be observed from the box office ratings. The superhero not only takes the viewers to another world but also give them the message of strength and courage to get adapted in their real lives as well.


The Avengers Series

Whenever the movies been released under the Avenger Series, fans gather in the flock and move towards the theaters. People also have a huge craze of Avengers Jacket to show their love with the Avengers. Like any other fictional story, Avenger is also one in which good guys fight the bad guys and rescue the world. As the new trailer of Avengers Endgame has launched, fans have gone crazy on that and eager to watch the movie soon. The trailer launched has already shown that this movie would also be a blockbuster of all time. From casting to the costumes, everything looks marvelous. The characters are well defined and seem to have good chemistry to show on the screen.


Captain Marvel

Based on the character Carol Danvers from the Marvel Comics produced by Marvel Studios is the superhero film. Brie Larson, a gorgeous woman of the industry, turning into the character of Captain Marvel, who is the most powerful woman f time and getting the earth rescues from the two alien forces. The film is based on the era of 1990 films reveals the untold story of the historical events of that time. This film is a fantastic one and loved equally by both kids and adults.



Yes! X-Men also comes under the banner of Marvel Studios. The magnificent X-men series is adored by every single person out there. The story, characters, costumes, special effects, everything is as perfect as it can be. From The Professor to the Wolverine, every character has its own powers and own depth. With every series of X-men, the audience gets something more to get digested. Every scene in the movie gives goosebumps. The set designing the costumes everything goes perfectly well with the storyline and audience love that. X-Men falls into those movies which fans don't want to end. And when it ends, they eagerly wait for the next installment to come. You can check the complete collection of X Men Leather Jackets from our store

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