Takeshi Kovacs Altered Carbon Coat

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Have an attire of Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon with the warm but mesmerizing color of Black. If you are a trendsetter and one of your favorite things to adopt the attire of celebrities, then this perfect replica of Takeshi Kovacs is perfect for you. Altered Carbon is a famous mysterious book, which is also turned into a series; aired on Netflix. In this way, the handsome hunk Joel Kinnaman was the one who adopted this attire throughout the series by portraying Takeshi Kovacs. Now, you can have the honor to his aura of bravery and ferocity around you by wearing the cost of a coat of him and show the world the magnetic side of you.

As you know, long coats are best to protect you from the cold and rash weather. In this way, this coat is designed in a careful manner to become useful in this regard. More than a showpiece, this coat is made up of the high-quality wool from the outer side, and its inner side is made up with the viscose lining which gives it soft and comfortable feel. Moreover, our designers are careful enough to add every kind of necessities for every gentleman in this coat. For example, the built-in collar has the stand-up characteristics with the option of the belted buckle. In this way, you can save your neck from the direct wind on your face, while you buckle the belt of the collar.

This Takeshi Kovacs Altered Carbon Coat has a variety of other feature, which enhances its efficiency. It has full-length sleeves, on which the hem has contained open cuffs, which can be adjusted easily as per your desire and size. Moreover, our designers also know that every working man wants more than style and protection from the weather. For this purpose, this coat has four pockets, in which two pockets are placed inside, and two waist pockets are located on outside. These pockets are also great to warm up your hands in the snowy season.

The front of the coat is open enough to get a glimpse of your inner shirt. It is a trendy design in every kind of coat which saves you hassle from changing into this coat. Moreover, another feature of this coat contains is flexibility. It is available in every size, and you can check and asked your size to our staff before placing the order through this coat is designed in a way, which is flexible enough to fit you perfectly. You can adjust the waist as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Place an order of this magnetic and charming coat of Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon. It is perfect for every stylish gentleman who wants to try something new without ruining his style. Not only this, you can find this perfect replica of Takeshi Kovacs’s coat without burdening on your budget. Just try this mysterious black coat of the ferocious soldier, which enhances your handsome feature amicably.

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