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Frequently Asked Question FAQ

Q. Where are American suits located?

A. America Suits is one of the finest US-based online apparel and accessories stores. 

Q. Why prefer America suits?

A. When it comes to quality and variety, America suits are the name of the trust. We deliver quality products at reasonable prices to your doorstep. Our specifications include:

  •       Tv serials attires
  •       Apparel has been worn by celebrities in the movies
  •       Custom made designs
  •       Latest jacket and coat trends for both genders

Q. Do I need a specific design jacket? How can I get that?

A. On America suits, we believe in delivering what our customers demand. If you need an outfit according to your design, provide us with the details of the outfit, and we will make it for you.

Q. I want to buy a costume online. What is the payment method?

A. We are leading online stores to provide the best celebrity costumes. The payment methods are easy for our customers. The payment methods may include:

  •       PayPal
  •       Credit/debit cards
  •       We don’t accept cheques
  •       We don’t accept cash 

Q. I want to know about the shipping options for the countries. Is the free shipping for all countries?

A. We believe every customer must look elegant. Due to this, we ship our products worldwide except in Israel. All shipments are sent according to the international laws of every specific country. 

Q. I want to know about the exact size for me, how can I order the costume according to my size?

A. First, select your desired attire, when you proceed to check out, you will find a size chart. Click on the size according to your measurements. If you don’t know about your size or how to take measurements mail us at, and we will advise you accordingly. 

Q. If my ordered apparel doesn’t fit me perfectly, is the return option available for that?

A. We have provided a Size Chart for our valued customers to avoid any inconvenience, but if something goes wrong with the fitting of the costume, we have easy return and exchange policies within 30 days of the purchase for our customers to be fully satisfied.

Q. I have ordered my jacket| how long will it take to deliver?

A. It takes 12 – 15 days for the complete shipment process. 8 – 10 days for the manufacturing of the apparel. 2 to 3 days for quality checks and shipping. 

Q. I am huge, is there any custom-made option available for people of my size?

A. No matter what your size is. We want to give our customers what they want. If your size is not available in the size chart, take your measurements and send us to, and we will prepare your selected apparel according to your size. 

Q. If I order any apparel for custom-made, how long it will take to complete the process?

A. For custom-made apparel, we need to first go through the designs and fabric. It almost takes 10 – 15 days to complete the outfit requested by the customer. 

Q. Can I have options for colors in selecting leather jackets

A. Yes, you have the option to select the color of your choice in any fabric, including leather. 

Q. Do I know about the inner lining fabric used in jackets?

A. We manufacture our coats and jackets with the finest fabric inside out. the inner linings we used are of two types

  •       Viscose
  •       Shearling

Q. I want to know how to track my order after placing it.

A. Once you have placed your order after signing up for our online store. We will provide you with an order number. Go to my orders on the website, and there you can track the progress of your order. 

Q. If the tracker is not showing the order progress, what should I do?

A. Once you have placed an order, we will send you a confirmation email along with your tracker id. If you are unable to track your order, no need to panic, we are here for your support. You can work on two options:

  •       Mail us at
  •       Or log in to your account and talk to our customer support representative for your queries. 

Q. If it gets above the given date of delivery of the costume. Whom should I contact?

A. We usually make sure that we deliver our products on time, but due to some mishap, if the shipment gets delayed, we usually inform our customers through email about the delayed delivery. Our customers can also contact us at for further queries. 

Q. What can I do if my payments get rejected?

A. Most payments do not get rejected by our system. It only can happen if:

  •       You have reached your credit card limit
  •       Your account has no balance to pay from a debit card
  •       You have mentioned an incorrect card number

Q. Are there any extra charges on the apparel I ordered?

A. When it comes to shipment to other countries, there are different rules followed. So, if your country implies charges for the import of the product you have to pay those charges. We are not responsible for those payments of the import taxes.

Q. I want to know about the different types of leather you use in your jackets. Is there any difference? 

A. Faux leather is human-made leather. It is made from a fabric base along with wax-dyed colors to give it the texture of leather. Faux leather usually costs you much less than genuine leather. Genuine leather is made from the hide of the animal. It also goes through a process to combine with fabric and glue to get the leather fabric. 

Q. What is the tracking number?

A. The tracking number is the order id we sent to the customer through email once the order has been placed. 

Q. Where to look for the current status of my order?

A, Look for your order status on the website, in my orders. 

Q. Do you have a minimum and maximum order policy?

A. No, we don’t believe in that. You can order as much as you want. 

Q. Why do people need celebrity costumes?

A. It is not about the need, it's about the want. People want to have celebrity looks and feel them with them. So on special occasions, they go for the costumes worn by celebrities. 

Q. Is the free shipment option for international customers also?

A. No, we are sorry to say, that the free shipping policy is not for international customers. 

Q. Do we get exactly what we have ordered?

A. America suits are the name of honesty and trust. We are very restricted in this section. It is our motto to deliver the best quality products as we have portrayed in the images and the description. 

Q.  What I should do if I receive the wrong order?

A. On America Suits, we avoid any mishandling of the marcels. But due to some system or human error, you receive the wrong parcel. Immediately  Contact our customer support service providers for further guidance on the issue. 

Q. Can I get a discount if I order more than one jacket or costume?

A. Yes, we have a policy to offer a discount on the purchase of five costumes. The offer gets more tempestuous if you order in bulk like 100 or 200 pieces of apparel. 

Q. No one is responding to my queries; what should I do?

A. We value every customer. Once you have placed a query, wait for at least 24 hours to have a reply through email, or if you are asking for guidance from our online support team, then give them time to let finish from the other customer first. 

Q. Is there any warranty for the product?

A. No, we are not offering any warranty on the apparel, but we offer 30 30-day return and exchange policy for the customers if anything wrong comes to your doorstep. 

Q. Can I find cosplay jackets?

A. Yes, you are in the finest online apparel store. You can get cosplay jackets with a wide variety. 

Q. Which trends are followed while preparing the costumes?

A. We follow the latest trends set by the movies and TV series for our reputable customer's satisfaction. 

Q. Can I get Vintage costumes for Halloween?

A. Yes. We have a wide variety of vintage costumes to get you dressed on Halloween. 

Q. Can I get winter jackets?

A. Yes, on America suits, we offer the latest trend jackets and fur coats for the freezing winters. 

Q. I need a biker’s jacket for my son, is it available in your store?

A. Yes, indeed, it is available. The biker's jackets with premium quality leather are available at our store for not only men but also for women. 

Q. I have placed the wrong address in the shipping address. What should I do?

A. It is fine, you can easily change your shipping address by emailing us at