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AMC is a production house that produces web-based series. Their website is having a wide variety of not only their originals but movies and serials from all around the world. It's about the passion world AMC wants to create for their fans. Most of their originals are action-packed thrillers to give your inner ghost for action complete satisfaction. From plot to cast and crew, they manage to have everything perfect to work with. AMC has not only given us the best web-based serials but also amazing attires has worn by their characters in the series.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead is the comic-based series by Robert Kirkman. Those fans who love to watch horror then they must watch this series on the Zombies. As the name suggests that only zombies could walk Dead. Rick Grim, as Sheriff gets a shot and goes into a coma, and when he wakes up, he comes to know that the world has ruined, doesn’t know what to do next, he tries to find out his family. There he meets some people and helps them to make them survive. If you are a fan of horror, suspense, and risks, then walking dead should be your choice. And Walking Dead Jacket is very attractive you should check this jacket on

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is a movie presented by AMC studios for the sake of environmental conditions happening around the world. Jack Hall lives in Antarctica and works as a Paleoclimatologist. He has warned the government officials so many times about the big environmental change occurring very fast and that they have to take care of that, but nobody listened to him until they all faced the ice storm for weeks and pushing the whole upper region into the ice-age. The movie is perfect for those who love to have some message in the movie relating to their society. The coats and jackets worn in the movie are perfect for the chilling weather of Antarctica and were beautifully designed. The movie is a must-watch for risk lovers.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the series that looked simple to understand from the start, but it was never designed simply for the audience. The twists and turns always manage to keep the viewers attached to the plot. For the crime detecting lovers Breaking Bad is just for them. It's about the drug distribution mafia. Breaking Dead along with wonderful acting also got attention due to the apparels. The jackets along with the cowboy hats, look perfect on the characters. People love the story, acting as well as the costumes.

Mad Men

A Tv series produced by AMC productions with the poster of man sitting on the sofa with perfectly designed Suit immediately got the attention of viewers when it came out. The story of men who don’t want to or somehow couldn’t Change. The men in suits look as charming and decent in appearance, but they are not what they appear. Mad Men is all about men whose bad habits don't let them settled in their married or professional lives. It’s a must-watch for those who want to see the real faces behind the charming ones.

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