Star Wars can be regarded as the greatest Sci-Fi franchise ever created in American movie history. The Star Wars franchise has produced up to many sequels plus the early series. The most riveting things about the Star Wars is its unique costumes designs for different characters and different sequences. People especially cosplayers are crazy about getting a Star Wars costume collection of their own. Hence, the costume stores are full of crazy Star Wars costumes of each character.

Well, to be honest, wearing a complete costume from a movie seems little odd especially a from fantasy flick. But one can still give their favorite character look without going odd. Hence, the best the way to do so is having your loved Star Wars jackets. In this way, you still look like your character in addition with that you can carry it casually on all sorts of occasions. So, we have selected 3 Best Star Wars jackets for Star Wars fans that they must own.

The Forces Awakens: Han Solo Brown Leather Jacket

Harrison Ford is the real star of the Star Wars franchise. It won’t be wrong to say that his claim to fame was portraying Han Solo first time in 1977. Since then people could not imagine anyone else in the role. Unfortunately, this had to end. And the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens sequel had his last appearance as Han Solo. But the style Harrison Ford used to carry as Han Solo is still followed by Han Solo fans. Hence, this Han Solo jacket is inspired by Han Solo which he wore in the last Star Wars movie he appeared in. The Harrison Ford Jacket was unique in style and color. And the same jacket is designed by American Suits. The waxed leather, magnetic button, zip closure, and flap pockets make it must for your Star Wars assortment.

The Last Jedi: Poe Dameron Jacket

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was one the best flick from the Star Wars franchise. The audiences just loved the costumes and direction. The Poe Dameron jacket is one of the jackets that Star Wars fans like very much due to its unique color and attractive design. Hence, America Suits have created high-quality Poe Dameron leather jacket for you. So, this can be second in your collection of best jackets from the Star Wars. The design is as genuine as the original Poe Jacket. Moreover, the viscose lining, two flap pockets, and open style closure can make it your casual wear. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Solo Brown Jacket

The 2018 sequel of the Star Wars franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story, presented Han Solo as the protagonist of the movie. The Alden Ehrenreich portrayed the role of Han Solo. Along with Alden Ehrenreich, brilliant performance as his wardrobe as Han Solo was also appreciated. Star Wars fans just love the new Han Solo and his brown jacket especially. America Suits have designed the same for Han Solo fans. Professionally stitched using genuine leather and viscous lining it is comfortable enough to carry wherever you want. The black patches stitched with makes it perfect Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich jacket.

Thus, this our list for Star Wars jackets that are best in all ways. They are the trendiest and added to beauty is the style and quality of these jackets. However, you can add other jackets too. Or on the other hand, you can add other accessories from the Star Wars character like a pair of shoes or just a belt and complete the look with style.