Popeye is a fictional character of one of the favorite cartoon. This awesome character was created by Elzie Crisler Segar. Inspired by this character in 1960, King Features Syndicate successfully directs a television cartoon. The cartoon title set as "Popeye The Sailor Man." From these Popeye cartoons, 85 of them were released on DVD in 2004 as 75th anniversary. While many of the Popeye Paramount cartoons were unable on television which is the worst part of Popeye The Sailor Man team. Main characters of Popeye are Alica the Goon, Bluto, Eugene The Jeep, Olive Oyl. And Harold Hamgravy, Sea Hagon, J Wellington Wimpy, and George W. Geezil. While the leading was Poopdeck Pappy. Poopdeck Pappy is best known as Popeye. This character got much popularity from 1990 to 2010. So here is Popeye Costume Guide Do It Yourself for all Popeye fans.


Popeye Costume Guide | Popeye Halloween Costume

After reading this Popeye Costume Guide you can easily get an impressive and different appearance to look more handsome. Main parts of Popeye costume are White, Yellow Belt and Brown Boots. You easily get all Popeye Costume accessories and Popeye Jacket with the best quality. For more information check bellow mentioned Popeye costume accessories.


Men's Popeye Costume (Product Page)

This men's Popeye Costume has a very eye-pleasing color combination which black, blue and red with an attractive yellow button. The red color is beautifully used on the collar and shoulders. It also has a blue line on sleeves. It is made up of high-quality polyester fabric. So it has very lightweight which means you can wear it for an extended time period. And it also comes up with blue color elastic pant which is a deadly combination with a black t-shirt.


Sexy Olive Oyl Women's Costume (Product Page)

From our recent searching, we realize that women from all over the world searching for Olive Oyl Costume which is inspired by the cartoon Popeye The Sailor Man. She looks very pretty in this dress. So now you don't have to wait to groom your look. Popeye The Sailor Men Olive Oyl Costume is made up of from high-quality polyester. It includes a mini dress with scalloped collar. And it also 3/4 sleeves. The primary color of the costume is red which is very attractive. Must check it also out to admire everyone through your killer look.



Popeye Costume Accessories (Product Page)

Here are Sailor costume accessories including white sailor cap having a circumference of 21.5" so you can feel comfortable. This size will fit most adults and teens. And the second one is corn on cob pipe which is made up of sturdy hard plastic. This set is great idea for Halloween or for a dress-up party


Popeye The Sailor Man Short Sleeves T-Shirt (Product Page)

Popeye Costume is not enough still looking for casual wear? then must check Gold Logo Popeye The Sailor Man Short Sleeves T-Shirt. The front logo of Popeye The Sailor Man is very attractive. It will give you a more impressive appearance for daily routine to look more handsome among your all friends. Fine quality fabric is used for crafting this pullover t-shirt. And it is also available in all sizes so everyone can easily pick their perfect size.