The Gentlemen - Colin Farrell is back with more of their "scandalous" humor as they follow up on the award-winning The Game. The movie is a farcical look at high-powered Washington D.C. politics, and Colin's performance keeps him in character as perfectly as he did on The Game. He's subtle about telling the jokes, but his delivery of them is just great. There are enough moments in the movie to let you forget that the movie is actually for real.

Colin's character has been in hiding since he was busted by The Game, and now he wants his revenge. He wants The Gentlemen to be put on trial for their secret activities, but his plan goes awry when The Gentlemen learn that one of their own members - Representative Ericsson - tried to shield Colin's illegal activities. The ensuing trial opens all sorts of political intrigue that just makes The Gentlemen an even more watchable film. It makes you wonder if Colin's character, The Gentlemen, could get away with anything.

Colin's character has a particular connection to the early days of The Game. The movie takes us back to the early days of Scandal, and Colin goes through a transformation that affects how he relates to others. In this movie, he becomes an even better politician. The late-career of Senator John Edwards might seem like it's pushing The Gentlemen characters' buttons, but they end up saving the day in The Gentlemen - Colin Farrell and Ed Harris.

The movie is directed by Rob Reiner and features some of his best work. The visual style is slightly less grand than those of his later films, but that's okay. The movie is crisp and colorful without being overly flashy. The music is just as dark and foreboding as it's been in the later films. The movie just doesn't have the same kind of punch it used to have. It never feels like The Gentlemen is going to go anywhere.

Gentlemen Movie Clothing

That's not a problem, though, because the story is just as much fun to follow as it was to put together. The story begins in California where Colin meets a rather interesting girl named Pamela. She's from a family of very wealthy families, and her father is rather rich, too (although not nearly as rich as John Edwards'. Eventually, Colin realizes that she's also in love with him. The two of them become close friends and spend a lot of time together. While it seems like the movie is taking place entirely in Colin's head, in reality, it's all about how he deals with his personal life.

Colin's face is so perfect that you almost feel like you can actually touch him. That's not a bad thing. There are moments in The Gentlemen where we get to see Colin's face behind the mask, and those are some of the most haunting I've ever seen. The movie is also very entertaining overall. It's often funny, and while there are some sentimental moments, the comedy is delivered pretty sharp and cleanly. Collin Farell wore wonderful tracksuits these The Gentlemen Tracksuit will be best for summer.

Colin's performance as Alex, the nice young man who falls in love with Pamela, is one of the most endearing parts of the film. But the best thing about The Gentlemen - Colin Farrell gets to take a bit of a break from his role as the brooding bad boy. There's a lot more to Alex in this film than just good-looking hair and glasses. Colin nails all of the impressions he makes throughout the film - from his dry humor to his complete cluelessness about his own intelligence. In short, Colin's performance is very near flawless.

The Gentlemen - Colin Farrell is one of the best actors in modern independent films. He takes a bit of a turn towards the rom-com genre with this film, but it works. The film is definitely worth your time for any independent film fan. If anything, it will certainly increase your curiosity about how different genre films can actually work. The only other film I'd recommend watching after The Gentlemen is Invictus.