In these hard times with the world going through a major pandemic, Films like Eurovision: The story of fire saga is what you need to calm your mind. Starring the evergreen, veteran actor Will Ferrell and Rachel Mcadams have both brought justice to their characters. The story is somewhat very basic and yet another happy-ending moment that is always depicted to the viewers.

In this article, We’ll go through a brief ride, taking a look at the Plot of the movie and particularly try to bring up the Will Ferrell role to our readers. But, more importantly, We'll also give a brief on Eurovision Will Ferrell Jackets and coats which were the talking point and attention-grabbing part of the movie.  

Very Vibrant yet fun fashion was experimented by Will Ferrell who has been working on this movie for almost 20 years.

Play ja ja ding dong, here we begin!!


The plot of the Eurovision Song contest: the story of fire saga: -

“Ever since we were children, we had only one dream. Winning the Eurovision song contest.” Says the Lars Eriksson and Sigrit Ericksdottir who are the lead cast in the movie. The Netflix film is depicted around these two Ice-land singers who grew up in a remote village dreaming every day of competing in the Eurovision song event. With the full swing of luck and coincidences, their act of fire saga is selected to get featured in the annual event and also represent Iceland. And again, a Will Ferrell movie follows a weird couple to navigating the way to a niche competitive arena. Ferrell still has got that thing to catch you off guard and tickle your belly with his hilarious one-liners.

It’s heartening to see Ferrell who co-wrote the script has a lovely affection for the competition. The film refuses to mock the song contest and instead it’s affection only teases the idiosyncrasy which makes the Eurovision a campy pop-tastic treat for the viewers. 

Role of Will Ferrell: -

Will Ferrell be one-man army in the making of the whole film.  He produced, co-wrote, and of course, was the lead star of the movie. Lars Eriksson, a small-time singer from a small village of Iceland has only one dream, winning the Eurovision global event in which almost 50+ countries participate every year. He wanted his band fire saga to get a chance to represent Iceland at the event.

Their act got dejected, but a boat disaster swings the luck in their favor and, the fire saga act being the sole survivors, are promoted as representatives of Iceland. Now, will they be able to win the Eurovision? To found it out, we recommend you to watch this lyrical vibrant masterpiece.

Will Ferrell again be portrayed as a very strong character in the movie and coming timing is very crisp like always. Another talking point from this movie is his outfits especially his jackets and coats, about which we'll talk in a bit.

Eurovision is a song contest in reality that has been locked in the mind of Will Ferrell as of lately, and he was always looking to make a movie on this epic song contest which is now being running from 60+ years. Eurovision is watched by almost 180-200 million people worldwide. So in the end, it was Will Ferrell’s imagination which we saw on the OTT platform.

Will Ferrell Outfits in Eurovision Movie: - 

The main attraction of Will Ferrell’s stage outfits were their costumes designed. And Actually, not just stage costume but every costume of Will Ferrell in the movie caught the attention of the audience. So now we'll try to go with 3 best outfits from many that very worn by Will Ferrell in the movie and how his outfit helped us to set in the vibes of an amazing song contest.

Will Ferrell’s Leather Jacket: - 

The Biker Leather jacket was certainly made for the edgy vibe in the movie. Being on a blue-denim side, this leather jacket of Will Ferrell in Eurovision is something that you need if you're looking to add some good layering in your outfit.

The Eurovision Will Ferrell Leather Jacket here is made up of one of the finest leathers out there with buttoned cuffs to give the biker vibes. Front of the jacket is chained up but we prefer to keep it open so you can show the inner apparel that you’re wearing.

Will Ferrell Eurovision Jackets: -

The Movie has 2 Eurovision jackets worn by Will Ferrell and both of the jackets were the talking point amongst all the outfits of Will Ferrell. The Eurovision Will Ferrell Leather jacket is very colorful and contains bright colors like Gold, yellow, Blue which makes it stand out in the movie.

The sleeves of this Lars Erickssong Eurovision Song Contest Jacket have a golden patch and have a perfect fitting with open hem cuffs. Stitching is done to the fines that make the Will Ferrell Eurovision song contest jackets durable and easy to pull off. Perfect Jacket for a night out and cosplay.

Will Ferrell Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga coat: -

Another Eurovision apparel but this time in the form of the coat. In appearance, this song contest coat is your perfect match for winter cozy vibes. And Will Ferrell be the only guy who can have pulled off this funky coat as easily.

Made from the finest quality of wool blend material, a soft viscose fabric lining inside, The Story Of Fire Saga Will Ferrell Coat has a white background as the base color and colorful stripes on the full coat to give it the funky and cool look. The front opening is a double-breasted button closure that looks like a traditional overcoat.

How the Outfits of Will Ferrell brought justice to the character in Eurovision?

The outfit of Will Ferrell was very eye-catching and funky as it was required to wear such designer clothes for performing on a platform like a Eurovision. The designer of his outfits in the movie was ‘Sheppard’ who has been a famous designer who had designed the likes of Captain America and worked in marvel movies as well.

Will Ferrell be given the look of funky singer hero, and the movie and their act, the fire saga needed funky costumes for the movie and Eurovision’s Will Ferrell jackets and coat did the same job. Other costumes like White leotard and Game of thrones king's outfit was applauded from critics as well.

Overall, Will Ferrell and his outfits pretty much stole the show in this Netflix comedy-music movie and that's where a famous fashion tip comes into the scene. That is to always experiment with fashion and never hesitate to wear funky clothes. And If it suits your persona like Eurovision's Will Ferrell then You should grab a Will Ferrell Eurovisio