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Movies bring madness, movies bring spice, movies bring joy, yet movies also bring sad emotions in our lives. How? Well, the answer is because the movies we watch in the theatres resemble us. They portray our daily lives in a manner that, with every single movie, someone must be thinking that it’s his or her story. The movies came for entertainment purposes, and still, they are, but no one knows when they became part of our lives. When we want to celebrate, we watch movies, and when we want to get relaxed, we watch movies even though we are sad and want to lift the mood, we watch movies. So, the importance of movies in our lives is not ignorable.

Feature film or movie is the theatrical a cinematically released film that runs at the box office for a long time. The feature movie can also be considered as a blockbuster when along with the long run it makes good business for the producers. While making a movie produces to make sure to give quality and quantity with equal levels. So that it can turn into a feature film. producers and directors take it as their responsibility that the audiences get the maximum entertainment and when they get back to their homes, they should feel happy and relaxed. There are some featured movies that also happen to be blockbusters and loved by the audiences.

Fast and Furious

The most loveable movie of all time by the fans is the Fast and the Furious Series. Its the movie of thrill adventure as well as passion. The car lovers adore this movie and after the first part wanted it so bad that now there are 6 parts of the movie that have been released so far. Fans love the racing of the wheels and the awesomely well-designed costumes of the actors. They are in love with everything about the movie. 

Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter fans were happy to see Harry alive in the last part but were also in turmoil by thinking of not having to see any more adventures of Potter and Friends. J. K Rowling hit this time also with the theatrical release of Fantastic Beasts. All about magic and lots and lots of magic with magical creatures not seen by the human eyes, Fantastic Beasts is mesmerizing to watch. The apparels worn by the characters are also marvelously designed. For a magic lover and Harry Potter fans, this movie is a must-watch.

Blade Runner

Viewers of action-packed movies should not miss the chance to watch Blade Runner. The movie promises its fans to give the maximum excitement and action performances in the given time. Its the movie that gives its fans not only non-stop actions but also best ideas for the leather jacket lovers. Motor-bike jackets enhance every scene of the movie. Not just the action packer performance the movie also has the best special effects to make the movie more exciting and thrilling to watch. You can avail Blade Runner Costume from Americasuits

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