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Latest Jacket Trends

Some of the Latest trends in Hollywood industry inspired by famous celebrities like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez, Americasuits have a wide selection of latest designs from 2018 including some of the best movie jackets and costumes. we also carry a number of video game jackets and coat like Battlefield coat and Mass effect N7, people are always searching for the best and the latest trends of clothing including jackets and we are keeping up to date with our competitors.

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Captain America Avengers Infinity War Jacket

Avengers Infinity War Captain America JacketFor all the Patriots wear the Captain America Ave..

$189.99 $139.99

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Captain Marvel Brie Larson JacketIf you are a true fan of Brie Larson then thi..

$189.99 $129.99

Carmen Electra Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Carmen Electra Jacket  This Carmen Electra Black Leather Jac..

$189.99 $129.99

Charlie Hunnam Movie King Arthur Jacket

King Arthur Legend Of The Sword Charlie Hunnam JacketThis Charlie Hunnam Movie King Arthur Ja..

$189.99 $129.99

Cheryl Cole Black Leather Jacket

Cheryl Cole Black Leather Jacket For WomenThis Cheryl Cole Black Leather Jacket is inspired by..

$269.99 $129.99

Chris Jericho Sparkle Light Up WWE Leather Jacket

Sparkle Light Chris Jericho WWE  Leather Jacket   An Inspirational Chris Jeric..

$1,299.00 $799.99

Christina Milian Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Christina Milian Biker Jacket This Christina Milian Black Leather..

$189.99 $129.99

Christmas at Pemberley Manor Jessica Lowndes Coat

Manor Jessica Lowndes Red Coat For WomenIf you are looking for some eye-catching outerwear to ..

$339.99 $199.99

Christmas in Evergreen Ashley Williams Coat

Christmas in Evergreen Ashley Williams Coat For Women The Christmas in Evergreen Ash..

$359.99 $229.99

Christmas in Love Brooke DOrsay Red Coat

Christmas in Love Brooke DOrsay Red Coat For Women The Christmas in Love Brooke DOrs..

$349.99 $229.99

Christmas in Love Daniel Lissing Jacket

Christmas in Love Nick Carlingson jackeThe Christmas in Love Daniel Lissin..

$289.99 $129.99

Cisco Ramon Vibe Carlos Valdez Jacket

Cisco Ramone Vibe Yellow Leather JacketCisco Ramon Vibe Carlos Valdez Jacket is the new style in t..

$189.99 $99.99

Classy Grant Gustin Barry Allen Black Jacket

Classy Black Jacket of Grant Gustin Barry AllenIf you are desiring to look hottest then grab this ..

$239.99 $129.99

Cold Pursuit Liam Neeson Jacket

Cold Pursuit Nels Jacket For Men The Cold Pursuit Liam Neeson Jacket is worn by Liam..

$189.99 $139.99

Cold Pursuit Liam Neeson Shearling Jacket

Cold Pursuit Liam Neeson Fur Collared Jacket This Cold Pursuit Liam Neeson Shearling..

$249.99 $189.99