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Women Celebrity Jackets

Clary Fray Shadow Hunters Jacket
-24 %
Model: CF-491212
Shadow Hunters Jacket By Clary FrayGrab clary fray Halloween costume with free shipping and enhance your look more.  Product Description: External: Genuine/Faux leatherInternal: Full Viscose liningCollar: Snap tab collarFront Closure: Full Zipper closingSleeves: Full sleeves with ..
$129.99 $169.99
Cobie Smulders Stumptown Grey Coat
-32 %
Model: AS-36000002075
Dex Parios Stumptown Wool CoatThe television series Stumptown is based on the novel and greatly appreciated by the audience for the casting and costumes of the series. Cobie Smulders with her great acting skills is wonderful to watch. With her dressing sense wearing a Cobie Smulders Stumptown Grey C..
$169.99 $249.99
Model: CC-325
Abigail Klein Christmas on Ice Courtney VestAbigail Klein Christmas on Ice Courtney Vest is a charming and festive garment inspired by the beloved character from the heartwarming holiday film. This vest captures the essence of the Christmas spirit with its cozy and stylish design, making it the perf..
$139.99 $149.99
Covert affairs Annie Walker Leather Jacket
-37 %
Model: CBJ-80
Annie Walker Leather Jacket Covert Affairs Ablack outfit is the most enticing outfit ever and particularly in the event that it is a Covert affair Annie Walker Leather Jacket. It is roused from the TV dramatization arrangement "Covert Affairs" Jacket was worn by Annie Walker. This thin fit outf..
$119.99 $189.99
Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades Of Grey Trench Coat
-35 %
Model: AS-439
Anastasia Steele Black Woolen Coat For Women In one of the hottest and sexiest movies, Fifty Shades of Grey played by the sexiest superstar Anastasia Steele as Dakota Johnson in the movie swept the hearts of millions of men. they really adore her as the best celebrity ever. Anastasia ..
$149.99 $229.99
Dana Delany Double Breasted Leather Coat
-43 %
Model: DD-001
Dana Delany Double Breasted Leather Coat In this modern era of fashion where all of us have access to the latest means of communication, we still feel difficulty when it comes to the selection of a drape, the reason behind this is we have too many products in the market enough to confuse unble..
$129.99 $229.99
Dark Desire Alma Solares Coat
-53 %
Model: DD-73
Maite Perroni Dark Desire Trench CoatAlma Solares is the main character of Dark Desire series, who is a law school college professor who begins the affair with Darío behind her family's back. She is a wife of highly respectable judge Leonardo Solares.Dark Desire Alma Solares Coat is a wool manufactu..
$139.99 $299.99
Dating Amber Lola Petticrew Duffle Coat
--18 %
Model: DA-343
Lola Petticrew Dating Amber Duffle Hooded CoatElevate your outerwear collection with the Lola Petticrew Dating Amber Duffle Hooded Coat. Inspired by the character's impeccable style in the film, this coat is designed to keep you both stylish and cozy during colder seasons. Crafted with high-quality ..
$199.99 $169.99
Deadpool Ellie Phimister Trench Coat
-36 %
Model: NG=003
Deadpool Ellie Phimister Trench CoatNegasonic Teenage Warhead Deadpool Ellie Phimister Trench Coat is a stylish trench coat for all tough girls. The trench coat has studs on the side and the trench coat is black in color. The Deadpool Ellie Phimister Trench Coat is made from great qua..
$179.99 $279.99
Demi Lavado Celebrity Leather Jacket
-13 %
Model: AS-356
Fashionable Demi Lavado Celebrity Leather Jacket  Demi Lavado Celebrity Leather Jacket is made from genuine leather or faux leather of your choice. It has a zipper closure and a contrasting color. The jacket picture speaks for itself. For all the fans of Demi the popular American sing..
$129.99 $149.99
Demi Lovato Black Leather Jacket
-54 %
Model: DL-002
Black Leather Jacket By Demi LavadoWho has an eyes for the designerDemi Lovato Black Leather Jacket on the occasion of England v Brazil football match? However, it is too expensive to buy the one. We have an exquisite gimmick of  Gucci Angry Cat Leather Jacket in very affordable price. So, here..
$129.99 $279.99
Destroyer Nicole Kidman Leather Jacket
-18 %
Model: DN-001
Destroyer Nicole Kidman Leather Jacket For Women  The Destroyer Nicole Kidman Leather Jacket is inspired by Nicole Kidman. This Leather Jacket is worn in Hollywood movie Destroyer. Nicole Kidman plays a role as Erin Bell on Destroyer. Nicole Kidman is a leadin..
$139.99 $169.99
Detroit Become Human Kara Leather Jacket
-54 %
Model: DB-006
 Detroit Become Human Kara Leather JacketDetroit Become Human is a fantastic adventure and action video game which was released in May 2018 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has been created for Play station 4 by Quantic Dream. The story is based on three androids out of which Kara is ..
$129.99 $279.99
Dex Parios Stumptown Leather Jacket
-33 %
Model: AS-36000002074
Cobie Smulders Stumptown Leather JacketA girl with a military background and an unapologetic behavior towards criminals stand her out among the investigative officers; she is Dex Parios performed by Cobie Smulders. Her attitude and style make her distinguished among the cast of the Stumptown Tv seri..
$139.99 $209.99
Diva Aksana Red Jacket
-54 %
Model: DA-006
Diva Aksana Red Jacket  If you are a fan of wrestling and want to have attires worn by your favorite stars when they play then we are here to make your wish come true. We know Wrestling jackets are one of the classic fashions of the modern day world as well. The jacket that we bring to you..
$129.99 $279.99
Diva Paige Nxt Black Leather Jacket
-54 %
Model: DP-002
Diva Paige Nxt black leather jacketMany of the people are more interested and enjoy watching wrestling and love wrestle divas. Their love and appreciation go to the other level that they love to have an amazingly designed attire just like their favorite divas. This Diva Paige Nxt Black leather ..
$129.99 $279.99
Doctor Who Clara Oswald Leather Sleeves Coat
-32 %
Model: CO-001
Doctor Who Clara Oswald Leather Sleeves CoatIntroduction Clara Oswald is a fictional character made by Steven Moffat. First showing up in the show's seventh arrangement, Clara filled in as a buddy of the eleventh and twelfth manifestations of the outsider time traveler known as the Doctor. ..
$169.99 $249.99
Donna Kelce Super Bowl Mama Kelce Varsity Jacket
-58 %
Model: WSDE-5105
Donna Kelce Super Bowl Mama Kelce Black Varsity JacketIntroducing the Donna Kelce Super Bowl Mama Kelce Varsity Jacket – a remarkable blend of style, comfort, and homage to the Super Bowl's most celebrated mom. This exclusive varsity jacket is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of suppor..
$139.99 $329.99
Doom Patrol S02 Dorothy Spinner Jacket
-42 %
Model: DP-104
Abigail Shapiro Doom Patrol S02 Brown Dorothy Spinner JacketWish to have the same outfit as Abigail Shapiro wears in the Doom Patrol series? Then you just have to place your order here for Doom Patrol S02 Dorothy Spinner Jacket. In the season 2, she played the role of Dorothy Spinner, who is the dau..
$139.99 $239.99
Dr Who Pearl Mackie Jacket
-48 %
Model: PM-001
Bill Potts Dr Who Pearl Mackie JacketIntroductionDoctor Who is a British program delivered by the BBC since 1963. The Doctor investigates the universe in a time-traveling space ship called the TARDIS. Its outside shows up as a blue British police box, which was a typical sight in Britain in 1963 wh..
$109.99 $209.99
Drew Barrymore Super Bowl LVIII Floral Jacket
-45 %
Model: EDW-98222
 Drew Barrymore Super Bowl LVIII Black Floral JacketDive into the world of celebrity fashion with the Drew Barrymore Super Bowl LVIII Floral Jacket, a masterpiece that combines elegance, comfort, and a touch of star-studded glamour. This jacket, inspired by the ever-charming and versatile Drew ..
$159.99 $289.99
Dua Lipa Spongebob Leather Jacket
-39 %
Model: TTY-117941
Dua Lipa Spongebob Yellow Leather JacketIntroducing the Dua Lipa Spongebob Leather Jacket: Your Ticket to Iconic Style Are you ready to channel your inner fashion icon and stand out in the crowd? The Dua Lipa Spongebob Leather Jacket is here to make a bold statement and set you apart from ..
$139.99 $229.99
Dua Lipa Training Season Leather Jacket
-36 %
Model: SDS-06
Dua Lipa Training Season Black Leather JacketEmbrace the epitome of style and sophistication with the Dua Lipa Training Season Leather Jacket, a must-have addition to your wardrobe that seamlessly blends functionality with a high-fashion aesthetic. Crafted from premium quality leather, this jacket i..
$139.99 $219.99
Dylan Malibu Rescue The Next Wave Jacket
-13 %
Model: DM-154
Jackie R. Jacobson Dylan Malibu Rescue The Next Wave JacketAs compared to longer jackets, the cropped style or shorter-length jackets are hard to find! Have you ever experienced this? Finding one, for a long time period? If your answer is yes, get our latest Dylan Malibu Rescue The Next Wave Jacket...
$129.99 $149.99
Elizabeth Sheepskin Jacket
-17 %
Model: ES-263
Sheepskin Elizabeth Suede Leather Jacket With FurIntroducing the Elizabeth Sheepskin Shearling Leather Jacket with Blue Faux Fur, the ultimate combination of warmth and style for the cold winter season. This jacket is designed to keep you cozy and fashionable, with its stunning features that are sur..
$189.99 $229.99
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Celebrity Jackets For Women

Celebrity Jacket For Women

Celebrity jackets worn by superstars in Hollywood have been out in the market, since the early 80s to 2018 all women have been looking for stylish outwear and the person is not complete without a  leather jacket or a coat worn by their favorite celebrity, some the hottest trends in the market are set up by some of the Hottest celebrity stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Emma Swan, Anne Hathaway, and others. America Suits has it all, check out the latest Celebrity Jackets for women.

Our jackets are made from soft leather for all leather jacket lovers and we carry Faux leather jackets also known as PU for vegans, We have other fabrics as well as cotton, wool, and satin all well-prepared and stitched perfectly for your body, and you choose the jacket of any celebrity you like and will make it just for you.

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