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When it comes to the name Amazon the image of an online store with thousands of products on it comes in mind. Amazon is the titan of online stores in recent days. Just like other stores, its expansion took place in years, but with quality and affordability and variety, Amazon is the name of satisfying online shopping. After their successful online store, Amazon launched its studios and brought us the best of the best from around the world.

Amazon did not stop on amazon studios; they also launched Amazon Prime, and there you can find thousands of movies and serials from around the world. In Amazon Prime, they offer you the licenses and self-published movies also prime award-winning movies. Right now, Amazon Prime is available in more than 200 countries across the globe to get the maximum entertainment possible.

Under the banner of Amazon Studios, there are multiple award-winning movies have been produced. The serials and movies produced by amazon and accessible by Amazon Prime are all pieces of excellence. They have provided the viewer's movies with every genre; either it is an action or romance or thriller, you name it, and it’s there. Amazon studios make their movies and serials as well as they publish some really good self-published stuff on Amazon prime for the audiences to have the best adornment possible.


Modern Love

One of the most trending serials on Amazon nowadays is Modern Love. Due to its cast including the gorgeous Anne Hathaway in the lead role, it captures all the attention of the viewers. Based on the comics published in the New York Times on real relationships performed by Anne Hathaway as the main character will be worth watching. Apart from the storyline, the most catching features of the serial are the coats and jackets worn by the characters in the series in different episodes. The apparels worn by the cast are fascinating to watch yet give a person a desire to have them in their wardrobes so must check Modern Love TV Series Merchandise.


Manchester by the Sea

The amazon original academy award winner movie is a pleasure to watch. The movie, full of emotions and heartwarming scenes, captures the audiences with realistic acting by the actors. The movie makes us realize the importance of relationships in one's life. Acting, cast, storyline everything is perfect in the award-winning movie along with the special jackets worn by the actors. The jackets are of pure leather, and 100% cotton looks cozy and comfortable in the chilling weather of Manchester.


The Boys

Another most amazing thought to be produced as a serial by Amazon Originals is The Boys. We all love superheroes, adore them, respect them, their influence in our lives is more than anything around, but what if we find out that these superheroes are abusing their superpowers. Instead of rescuing the world from the culprits, they are behaving like one. With the theme so unique, this series about the superheroes is on the most trending videos on amazon prime. The costumes are also different and well designed according to the demands of the characters.

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